Holi 🤟🏻

I had my first Mac at 7 yrs, my second surname is Home, Hogar in Spanish, and I’m a very cheerful and funny person.

I am Rubén AvilaH, UX Designer specializing in interface design for mobile applications and websites.

I like challenges, and that’s why I want to help my clients in User Experience Design(UX), Interactive Design, and Digital Design.

I’ve been a fan of the Apple brand since I was a child; I like Technology and the hacker culture of DIY. I love to read (I plan to read 35 books this year). I love listening to Jamaican music and watching Indie movies, new media art, and science fiction.

And these are three things I do every day:

  1. – Running
  2. – Do Meditation
  3. – And read books tons of books