Honda Motos

Client: Honda Motorcycle Colombia - Fanalca
Services: User Experience Design, User Interface Design, User Research
Date: April 2018 - January 2019

Honda Motos

User Experience and User Interface Design for the new site of Honda Motorcycle Colombia.

Design Problem

Increment in 40% the visits and reduce the bounce rate. Honda Motorcycle company website was old, the new site needed a refresh, design a experience for people interested on buy or quote a new motorcycle. A new way to track conversions and metrics to perform actions in digital and take desicions on business needs, based on inbound marketing to create a new funnel of conversion.

This was a very important challege to solve because for Honda, digital channels represent an important part of the sales and the site had a lot of usability problems, was very slow (5 to 10 sec.) and the technology had at least 10 years.

The Challenge

The new site needed to be a top notch experience design because the market of Motorcycles has a lot of barriers on buying and the pricing is the most influential part for the users to buy a motorcycle. We need to integrate all the funnels with the CRM agency, connect all the "cables" to collect the info users and make marketing campaigns.
We had to redesign in 6 months (Design and Code) with only:

  • UI/UX/Scrum Master - One Man Orchestra, the only that understood and knows Scrum and Agile, FullTime. Rubén AvilaH
  • UX Designer Junior - Gabi Part-time
  • 1 Mid level PHP BackEnd Dev. - Now a F***ing Awesome Sr Dev Cris Part-time
  • 1 Junior FrontEnd - aka Steve Hyuga 日向 小次郎 Part-time

The Process

We define the KPIs for the site, I explained the methodology of the process wich evolve Agile, Design Thinking and Lean UX. In the observation we talked and co-create in workshops with all the stakeholders and experts of the project like Logistics, Premium Motorcycles, Brand, sellers, and others, in the same way we interviewed the other agencies who worked with us in the project (CRM, Leads, Click to Call), Pilots Honda like (Tatán Mejía and Juan Reyes).

We created in this project user proto-personas to define and understand the goals, objectives and needs of our users. We count with 2 global personas, the "cacharreros" (motorcycle experts and community) and regular personas (like me) that doesn't know anything about motorcycles. After we refined this personas and this convert in six understanding the difference between them, the use, the context and price of categories of the brand.

We create a lot of low fidelity wireframes to explore the best approach to solve problems presented by the brand and personas, In the same way we maked the wireflow, reviewed the old structure and I created the new Information Architecture of the site.

Based on this I built the first medium fidelity Wireframes to test with our users in a Usability test and interview, this wireframes was designed in Sketch and prototyped in Marvel App. At the same time I created 3 Style tiles to define the final look and feel of the site. In the test sessions we validate de pertinence of the proto-personas and the result was a persona validated with the features of each one.

The final step was review the results and adjust the Wireframes to create a final Mockup that was coded in front end and backend. The Front end was coded in Angular JS and the backend was developed in PHP Laravel.

If you want to review the Prototype that the users tested See the Prototype

Final Result:

We incremented in 250% the visits and reduce the bounce rate in 25%. (January 2019 Analytics Report).
The Honda digital area have a few people and sells more than 5 physical stores, this tool allowed to the team and the company take actions in digital and be more efficient using the resources.

All the "cables" was connected to the CRM agency and the Intranet in Honda Col. Now we understand all the digital journey of our users end to end. The website is a centralized tool for the digital and social media goals, the new site met its expectations and is being improved after its launch.

What I learned

A large project needs a team prepared to face this and everyone is important you can't do it alone. "Content first design", in the content process we had a lot of troubles because the material was outdated very quickly beacause the lineup of motos change very fast. A sandbox in Dev. Area to test is the best way to get corrections in a faster way Scrum is a good framework but we need to make some tweaks to our necessities T shape workers are more valuable than specialized in some projects (Projects like this).

Worked in this project

  • Ruben AvilaH - UX Designer / UI Designer / Scrum Master
  • Gabriela Rey - UX Designer
  • Steven Barreiro - Front End Dev
  • Christian Castells - Back End Dev
  • Santiago Robledo - Account Executive Director
  • Diego Rodriguez - Art Brand Director
  • Wunderman Thompson Designers
  • Honda Digital Team