Wunderman Thompson 2020

Client: Wunderman Thompson
Website: Wundermanthompson.com
Services:Customer Experience Design, Service Design
Date:November 2019 - December 2019

Wunderman Thompson +WTSP20

Wunderman Thompson Strategic Plan 2020 was an agile workshop created to present results on 2019 and create ideas to define the future of the company

Design Problem

The design problem was we need a way to co-create the 2020 goals and present all the results of 2019 in a workshop to design and generate ideas about the future of the company with key people of the company like C-Level executives, Directors, Leaders of areas and key employees.

The Challenge

We had a lot of different people involved in this workshop, so the challenge was how to design the best experience to create in just 2 days, the future of the company, and make it clear the methodology for all the participants. Additional from +WT Global gave us a corporate values and behaviors, to incorporate in the company dynamics. We needed to test a way to give and receive behaviors that every participant saw on others to validate each one.

The Process

The first part of the session was dedicated to define the goals of the company, give a standard definition about terms in the company like Creativity, Transformation and strategic Design, every team create a definition for this terms using the post-its drawing and creating concepts. The CEO present the objectives and how was going on 2019, giving important info about the next steps to co-create the future everyone took notes of the most important things.

The creative team presented to all the team a new methodology to evaluate creativity, the team do a exercise to rate the ideas and everyone voted with post-its. This team presented to all the company a new way to do advertisements, and evaluate to participate in the most important creative competitions like Cannes.

Every team worked in a Business Model Canvas to define new ways to work, identify opportunities and innovate on the business, the leaders received new ideas to incorporate on the "routes" of the company strategy.

After the new business model canvas we heard the Human Resources director and all the new guidelines for the company, we count the votes off the people and validate the behaviors making small groups of discussion talking on this important thing for the company.

By the end the CX team prepared a surprise for all the team. We designed and presented a sneak peak of the Wunderman Thompson Behaviours App (builded in Sketch and Marvel), to transform into a digital approach the analog exercise that happened in the 2 days workshop.

Final Result:

The result of this strategic workshop was a company unified in terms and definitions, people motivated and excited about the future of the company. A collaborative way to make it cristal clear all the metrics and goals. The people appreciated being heard because in their daily lives never has the opportunity to do this kind of things. The people understood new ways to do their work and received tools to make more suitable their responsabilities.The CFO understood why the CX team use a lot of Post-Its to make innovation processes.

What I learned

Understand personal motivations to contribute to a company is very important. Work with the CEO can be chaotic if you don't understand the primary goal and the experience he want to receive. Co-create is a double-edged weapon but with the correct facilitation can be a powerful resource. listening to people will enrich their ideas and make them real. You need to have a list of the diets of every participant. You always need a plan but you need to be flexible as a bamboo if the conditions change.

Worked in this project

  • Julian Mercado - CEO Wunderman Thompson
  • Maria Alejandra Gutierrez HHRR Wunderman Thompson
  • Ruben Avila H CX Director Wunderman Thompson
  • Laura Bustos - Ux Designer
  • Juan David Gomez - UI Designer
  • Ricardo Arevalo - UX Designer
  • Natalia Gomez - Ui Designer
  • Wunderman Thompson People